Imagining being creative is not helpful

The Sparkle Experiment small creative play equals connection

Imagining how you’d feel making art before starting you’d think would be an accurate indicator of the reality. Ignoring the fact that the last time you were creative may have been in childhood, it’s likely you don’t have accurate data to work with. Thinking or ‘prefeeling’ can only get you so far. Daniel Gilbert in Stumbling on Happiness warns that prefeeling has its limits: “Each of us is trapped in a place, a time and a circumstance, and our attempts to use our minds to transcend those boundaries are, more often than not, ineffective… we think we are thinking outside the box only because we can’t see how big the box really is. Imagination cannot easily transcend the boundaries of the present, and one reason for this is that it must borrow machinery that is owned by perception. The fact that these two processes must run on the same platform means that we are sometimes confused about which one is running. We assume that what we feel as we imagine the future is what we’ll feel when we get there, but in fact, what we feel as we imagine the future is often a response to what’s happening in the present.”

If you currently don’t make art then you’re most likely sitting in a very small ‘making art’ box. Your present is art-making free, thus what you imagine in the future is based on limited art-making experience. Deepak Chopra and Mena Kafatos in You Are the Universe speak of the minds’ limitations around transformation: “There’s a huge roadblock to such dreams of renewal, and it’s the second problem we face when approaching reality as a whole. The limited mind cannot do it. It cannot think it’s way to renewal, imagine it’s way, feel, see or touch that transformation would be like. The linkage between the uncertain universe and the mind that created it is as strong as iron. In other words, if the mind is trapped in its own perceptions, how can the same mind free itself?”

How can you free your mind from its limited perceptions around making art when you don’t currently make any art? MAKE ART! Take action by making something and note how it feels. That data is infinitely more useful than trying to think, imaging or prefeel your way into knowing. You can’t know if you don’t try and this is your call to action to make some art today. Let’s see if we can transform the size of the box beyond your expectations.