Run a little art every day

The Sparkle Experiment small creative play equals connection

Major improvements to creativity confidence and art-making skills cannot happen overnight. We intellectually understand this, that you don’t go from nervous amateur to confident master in the course of a making few drawings. But why then, immediately after making something, do you expect to see something “better,” more finessed and perhaps even worthy of being hung in a gallery? Why are we so disappointed when what we’ve made doesn’t match the imagined image in our minds? We can get disappointed after only a handful of art-making sessions because we’re essentially expecting to run before we can walk.

The only pathway to improvement is small, consistent steps over a period of time. Carolyn Schlam in The Creative Path explains “You wouldn’t try to run a marathon without running a little every day. Making art is the same. You’ve got to keep at it, keep trying to increase your strength, stretch your imagination, and practice the language. You’ve got to do it constantly…. remember that preparation is an invaluable part of any pursuit, and being physically conditioned and relaxed is a prerequisite to good work. Don’t deny yourself this opportunity.”

Are you allowing plenty of space and time for your inner artist to grow gently? Commit to making a small piece of art every day and let of the expectation to be “better” immediately.