Use loves and curiosities to make art

The Sparkle Experiment small creative play equals connection

If you’re not sure what art to make, take inspiration from what you love, or what you’re most curious about. You don’t have to look far to see something you can draw, copy or recycle. Use a source and tools you enjoy and make something today. Here’s some ideas to get you thinking…

  • Art materials: paper, ink, pencil, paints, wool or unconventional materials like food dye, coffee, nail polish.
  • Tools: paintbrush, biro, compass, ruler, sharpie pens, felt tips, stickers, sticks, potato, your fingers.
  • Colours/shapes: use only your favourite colour, only draw circles, repeat the same pattern you enjoy making in different sizes.
  • Reading: draw a scene from a favourite fiction book, make a diagram of info from an interesting non-fiction book, copy a drawing from your favourite children’s book, choose a page number and draw the first noun or verb on that page, draw or paint over a magazine article.
  • Watching: pause the screen and draw what you see, draw doodles while watching media, draw your favourite or movie character.
  • Random: currently fascinated by zombies? Draw one. Love listening to the same track over and over? Scribble while you listen. Love visiting the beach? Take some paper and make art while you’re there.
  • Loved ones: draw a cartoon of someone close to you, draw your pets while they sleep (they are the best models), draw yourself using a mirror, use the blind drawing method.

Mine your life for your loves and use them as inspiration to make something today.