Are you a creative person?

The Sparkle Experiment small creative play equals connection

Are you a creative person? If you instantly reply no, consider questioning the belief you’re not creative. If you define being creative as someone who makes masterpiece art and has built a career out of their work, then no wonder you can’t match up to such a high level of creativity. It doesn’t leave much room for most of us when you set the bar that high. What if being creative meant making something? No details about the quality, quantity, style, look, feel or outward popularity of what was made. You make something and therefore you are creative.

Ken Robinson in Out of Our Minds argues “Being creative involves doing something. It would be odd to describe as creative someone who never did anything. To call somebody creative suggests they are actively producing something in a deliberate way… Creativity involves putting your imagination to work.”

You are automatically creative through the act of making something. Don’t let yourself tell yourself otherwise and go get to work and make a thing today.