Intentionally having ideas and making notes

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The thing about writing ideas down is they move from being a thought, to physically existing. It becomes tangible, held down on paper and unable to escape (unless of loose the paper). What if you wrote down every interesting idea the moment it appeared? What if you sat down for a moment during each day and actively thought of new ideas and then wrote those down? Would the capturing of ideas down on paper help inspire your art-making? Absolutely – intentionally creating ideas gets the brain thinking creatively which helps feed inspiration and enthusiasm.

In the Art For All Podcast, Danny Gregory talks about intentionally creating ideas helps him get unstuck: “When I get stuck, I spend my personal project time making lists of ideas. Take half an hour early in the morning to just sit and brainstorm. Write down 10 ideas and then have breakfast. In a week I have 70 ideas. In the following week I have lots of things to start with. I have my big list of ideas.”

The list becomes a future mine of inspiration to pick from. One tiny thought could eventually grow into a bigger project. But in order to remember them, you must write ideas down asap because, like the wind, they can disappear as quickly as they arrive. Carry a small notebook (or make note on a phone) to collect every idea. It’s better to use a notebook compared to loose paper because everything will be automatically chronological and in one place, which will make it much easier for your future self.