One plus one is three

The Sparkle Experiment small creative play equals connection

In creativity and art, things don’t need to add up or fit into a neat, perfectly shaped box. We need your crazy, strange and impossible ideas more than ever. Letting go of ‘the rules’ allows freedom and space for the unexpected to appear. While rules can bring containment and constraint (which can be less paralysing due to fewer choices), having no rules may open to unknown magical possibilities.

Albert Adrià talks about his creative approach on Chef’s Table S5 E4: “We play to discover the avant-garde. There aren’t limits. There is total freedom. Let’s say that we skip the rules. One plus one is three. If you always think that one plus one is two, you will never do anything different. Those who think that one plus one is three are the ones who dare.” If Adrià had stuck to the ‘rules’ of cooking and not tried anything new, he wouldn’t be delighting his customers with his current creative culinary delights.

Letting go of the rules takes courage and vulnerability. Stepping outside the perceived safety of ‘normal’ may be tough at first, but the freedom and opportunity to do something different is worth the effort.