Creative wishes and magic wands

The Sparkle Experiment small creative play equals connectionIf you had 3 creative wishes, what would you wish for?

  • To draw better?
  • To feel more confident about making art?
  • To be able to paint?
  • To write better?
  • To make something you’re proud of?
  • To be good at ________ skill?
  • To be more creative regularly?

You can pick any of the above and take your first step today. Actually make something. Anything. Taking action is better than just thinking about it. Go make something messy today. Your wish may not happen automatically like it would with a magic wand, buthrough practice and time comes change.

But if the joy, excitement, curiosity, fun and satisfaction is to be found along the way and during the learning of the skill, why miss out on all that good stuff? You don’t need a magic wand because you have everything you need already to get started right now.