Imagining a future creative self

The Sparkle Experiment small creative play equals connection

If you feel deflated about the art you made today, know that every single time you make something, you’re adding a drip of knowledge, practice and inspiration to your future creative self’s bucket. It may be helpful to imagine your future self as a separate person who you can help through actions taken today. If you make a mistake today, your future self benefits from the knowledge of what not to do, or how to do things better tomorrow.

Sean McCabe encourages that “497 of 500 most popular symphonies were made after the composers 10th year of work. Your best work is ahead. Be excited.” Your best work is only ahead if you take time to practice today. If you continue to make art, years from now your future self will be thankful for the commitment and praising you for your bravery.”

Continue practicing today to give your future self a helping hand.