Letting yourself ponder

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Sometimes it takes time for an idea to hatch. Forcing yourself to actively think of a solution or work out all the moving parts won’t necessarily get you to a conclusion any quicker. You may need the help of your unconscious to tap into the hidden wealth of knowledge that makes up 90% of your brain power. That’s where the deep wisdom lies and by not-thinking, you may find you can access more ideas, many of which will be less linear and therefore more creative.

In the One Thing A Day podcast with Michael Nobbs, (where gentle living and gentle creating is encouraged), he explains how he’s “Just waiting for the ideas to sort of fall into place. Let myself ponder, let myself put down the pondering, let myself just think of something else for a while then come back to it and just see if the ideas have matured. I think, I think I’m getting somewhere.”

Letting yourself ponder is a key part of the creative process. Skipping it in order to think harder isn’t necessarily the way to get where you want to get.