Comparison and being reactionary

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Comparison can be a creativity killer if you focus too heavily on other people’s art. It can stop you from making your own art if you start asking questions like “What’s the point when it feels like someone else has done it much better?” or “It’ll take too long to get as good so should quit now.” Comparison can point out where you feel you’re lacking in your own abilities, which is helpful for progression. So can you turn your envy into fuel to continue to practice and not let it derail your progress?

David Heinemeier Hansson and Jason Fried in Rework talk of comparison in the business world, but it could just as easily be talking about comparison between artists or in general: “Focus on competitors too much and you wind up diluting your own vision. Your chances of coming up with something fresh go down when you keep feeding your brain other people’s ideas. You become reactionary instead of visionary.”

In order to find your own creative voice, you have to be making and not just looking at other people’s ideas and art. Use others art as a starting point for your inspiration, but go make something yourself and start experimenting.