Space and encouragement to explore creativity

The Sparkle Experiment small creative play equals connection

Creativity is something that we are born with. The desire to explore, question and and make is baked into our DNA. So why do so many adults believe they’re not creative?

Amanda Blake Soule in The Creative Family Manifesto sees children as experts at being creative: “Fortunately, we don’t have to “teach” our children to be creative – inherent in the very core of children’s beings is the embodiment of creativity. To think of something in a new way, to inquire about something that others don’t even question, to come up with something truly unique and new is what children do best.”

But what if we substitute the word ‘children’ for ‘ourselves’? What if we haven’t lost the creativity spark but instead it’s hidden down deep inside us and like a muscle, it must be worked in order to get stronger? Our inner child, with all its creativity wisdom still lies hidden within us and can be accessed right now. Soule encourages: “When we give children the space and encouragement to explore their own creativity, they can become our most inspiring of artists, our most inquisitive of scientists, and our most original of philosophers.”

Give yourself the space and encouragement to explore your own creativity and see what happens.