Unblocking your creativity to reveal your inner artist

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An interview with Julia Cameron, author of this The Artist’s Way on the Don’t Keep Your Day Job Podcast with Cathy Heller, had the following pearls of wisdom:

On not having natural talent:

HELLER: What if someone doesn’t have the natural talent? What if this person is not a natural artist, is it cruel to send them down some path if they’re never going to be this super genius creative person?

CAMERON: I have people say to me “Julia, aren’t you worried that you’re empowering a lot of bad art?” And I say actually I find the opposite. I find more often than when I unblock someone, I find myself thinking how could they have not known they were an artist, [that] they’re brilliant?

On comparison:

“I think what often happens is we try to do something creative and then we judge it again the master work of other artists and we say ‘See, I’m terrible. I’m just not good enough.'”

On creativity:

“Creativity is something that belongs to all of us and working on our creativity is exercising a birthright.”

On perfection:

“…be willing to be a beginner. Do not demand perfection of your efforts… You are intended to practice creativity… You are perfect in your imperfections.

On taking tiny steps:

“You can take tiny steps and they will lead you in the right direction.”

Takeaways? Everybody is inherently creative – it might just be buried a little deeper for you. Comparison can be destructive and might halt your creativity. Imperfection is a better goal than perfection because perfection keeps you stuck. Tiny steps always lead you somewhere so don’t underestimate them – big steps don’t necessarily lead you in a better or faster direction.