Showing yourself more care

The Sparkle Experiment small creative play equals connection

What would showing more care around your art making practice look like?

  • Allow yourself to make art for fun, with no other outcome necessary
  • Let go of needing to be productive or make something ‘valuable’
  • Schedule art making time in advance, an unmovable appointment with yourself
  • See art making as kind of sacred, important or nurturing activity that must not be interrupted
  • Switch your phone off or to aeroplane mode so that you have no notification distractions while making art
  • Tell loved ones to give you space to create alone
  • Invite loved ones to join you making art
  • Allow yourself to make ‘bad art,’ let go of it needing to be ‘good’
  • Stop comparing your art to other artists or art makers
  • Ignore the voice of internal self-judgement and make art anyway
  • Ignore the voice of negative criticism once you’ve made your art and make more art anyway
  • Allow yourself to follow your creative curiosities

Pick anyone of the above to show yourself more care.