Make things by hand again

The Sparkle Experiment small creative play equals connection

We hear repeatedly about how important it is to disconnect from our phones and technology regularly, that our brains need to rest from the overstimulation our devices create. The disconnection from technology allows you to cut off the constant distractions, giving you the mental space to reconnect to yourself. By making art you can strengthen that connection and move away from being just a consumer into being a maker.

In Ladies Drawing Night the authors agree: “It’s refreshing to have a good outlet to make things by hand by hand again. There’s something immensely satisfying and relaxing about how you’re immediately connected to the thing you’re making, as opposed to through a mouse and cursor.”

Making something by hand stimulates your brain in a much healthier, nurturing way than technology does. And if spending your time endlessly scrolling through your social media channels or the internet feels more ‘productive’ than making art, that’s just the ego spinning a story. It doesn’t want to ‘fail’ at doing something new so it will attempt to stop you from even trying. But art is about the making and not about being productive or ‘good’. It’s about getting your hands involved and having a play.