There is no right step in creativity

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Re-framing the idea from there being no single ‘right’ next step, to it just being the next step you take is something that can help in times of uncertainty and inaction. Anthony Brandt and David Eagleman in The Runaway Species say that “innovation will never stop. It’s never about the right thing; it’s about the next right thing. Humans lean into the future, and there is never a settling point.”

If you make a ‘wrong’ move with your pen or paintbrush, you don’t block any future painting progress. You collect data about what worked, what didn’t work and make the next step. Brandt and Eagleman suggest “Everything evolves. Innovation is requisite. Humans require novelty.” In order to evolve we have to take action. Standing still only offers us the view of where we’re stood today, and that is a limited viewpoint. Compare that to having taken action – putting pen on paper to make something – and collecting 100 percent more data, feedback and practice time. Instead of spending time imagining how you’ll feel having made something, take action right now. Go now and make your art!

“Hope is a form of creative speculation: we imagine the world as we wish it to be rather than as it is. Without realizing it, we spend a great portion of our lives in the realm of the hypothetical. ” – Anthony Brandt and David Eagleman, The Runaway Species